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So.. i went to kaites on wednesday.. and i stayed there tell today here is what i did




wednesday- katie calls and tells me her mom is picking me up


thursday- tracy picks me and austen up.. austen is kaites nephew.. so we drive out to hte bunnies.. and hten i meet up with kaite and we watch fuse for about 5 hours.. and then we eat and go to sleep...


friday- katie went to driving school so i watched tv and played vidio games with austen tell she gets home then i watch tv with her and help her clean her room.. we eat burritoes adn set up a pool(after it gets dark0 we watched cursed and hen katie pushed me into a little kids pool and we ended up reminishing in side of it.. we were really hyper but then we came in and went to sleep


saturday- we wake up and everyone takes turns taking a shower.. and then we go to town(30 mins. away) and we go to wal mart but kaites dad was being a jack ass so we didnt get to do much.. then we went to stater bros. nad to home depot.. and then back homwe in time for the first girl to show up for girls night.. i never met her before her name is summer she is really really kool.. we went swimming nad talked tell about 9:00 when hte rest of the girls showed up.. we all played truth and then  me and leona wathced saw and without a paddle.. then i fell asleep


sunday- we all wake up and summer goes home the rest of us et ready and chelsea takes us to the beach..she is  a really good driver and is really fun to be around.. well we get to the beach and i saw seals but the surf and the tide were working agenst us so we split changed in chelse's car and went shopping on the boredwalk.. then we went back to the valley and went to the mall and met up with steven he geeted me with a big bear hug even tho i dont know him.. and then we went to wal mart and messed aroudn there... i baught myself a kool paior of shades and a ice cream and then i baught me nad kaite dinner.. katie had cramps after we got home nad i was trying to entertain her... then we went to sleep


today- i sat aroudn and wathced tv whial kaite was at school.. tracy and me caught a trancula and gave it to austen to take home.. and then kaite got home nad we watched a lil tv then we drove out here and stayed at kaite's sisters house and watched hide and seek and then i came home..


i had a but load of fun but im so hppy to be back home its so crazy.. ok well bye bye my loves


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