samantha (slice_is_hot) wrote,

so today is the day im loose him forever
im super sad
i loose alot of people today
but he is hte one i will cry over
i dont want my fag to elave for the summer
i dont want him to move to LA
he is soppose to be with me over the summer next year we were going to try out for the spring play
i was looking forward to going to football games to see him cheer
home coming and prom wont be the same
its not fair that he has to leave me so early
and luke isnt helping at all
we were going to throw him a party
but he told me last ngiht he wasnt going to go
he told me he doesnt wanna leave me alone
he doesnt wanna leave
so he wont go to the party
joey isnt bringing the food anyway
so it dont matter
but like when i say goodbye
i dont wanna do it in front of my mother
becasue thast really scary to me
i know i will cry
im looseing kenrod come on
but i cant cry in front of my mom
i will cry in front of my frinds but not my mom not voer a guy
even if its kenrod
my mom would be bitchy about it
so today expect to see me crying all day..
after everytime i see him nad he leave
dont expect him to be happy
he is looseing me
he said he will call
he will write
he will visit
he will come back
i dont believe any of them
im hopeing he myspace's me alot
and im hopeing
he doesnt forget abotu all the people out here who love him more then life..
who woudl do anything
just to see him smile
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