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1. what is your name?: samantha
2. do u know anyone that has the same name as you?: yea like 56 diffrent people
3. do u like ur name?: no
4.why/why not?: to many people have it
5.when is your birthday?: May 5
6. do u consider your self pretty or ugly?: kinda in the middle
7. why?: because
8. What are your hobbies?: softball music gutair..that kind of stuff

9. what hobbie do you do the most?: good ones
10. do u have any pets? one dog(bandit), 3 cats(mama,andre,punk)

21.have u ever been in been in love? yes
22. with who?: my ex

23. do u have a boyfriend/girlfriend? not now
24. whats his/ hers name? i dont have one
25. are they good in bed?: ummmm i dont know
26. if you dont have a boyfriend/ girfriend why not?:becaues i have commitment issues..or did he?
27. who is your last ex?: crox
28. why did u break up?: he cheated on me
29. how many of your boyfriend/girlfriend have you slept with?: zero
30. do you hate love and why or why not?: i dont hate it

31. what colour are your eyes?: green
32. do u have short hair or long hair? middle
33. has anyone ever told you that your sexy? no34. if not why? doesnt apply to me
35. do u have nice skin? maybe on tuesdays
36. wieght? to much
37. hieght? 5'4
38. are you thin or fat or in between? fat
39. do u like the way u look? no
40. why/why not? it sux

42.actress: none position( thats if u r not a virgin): virgin.
44.animal: any kind
45.skool subject: eniglish
46.boyfriend/girlfriend: blah pizza
48.singer: to meny to count my chemical roamnce,simepl plan, ect..
50.friend: monica,lauren,kaite

IF YOU....
61. if you were stuck in a island who would you bring?( name 5): my chemical romance,david, my journal, a computer, and my cds and cd plauyer

64. if you could have a date with any one in the world who would it be and why?: david desrosiers becaues i worship the ground he walks on

65. if you change one thing about your self what would it be?: my weight
66. if you had 3 wishes wat would they be?: well 1st ..i woudl wish to meet david, then i would wish for tons of money, and then i would wish there was no more wold hunger
67. if you were the opposite sex for 1 day what would you do?: i would i dunno do stuff that guys do

68. if you could be anyone for a day who would you be ?: david's girlfriend
69. if you were in your friends body what would you do?: i would shoplift and get cvaught and then poof into my body.
70. if you could be an animal what animal would you be and why?: cat, becaues they can do kool things

71.Sex: woho
72.69: i'yum bandit
74.bitch: female dog
75.666: brittney
76.parents: fighting
77.head: what kind? kool with it
79.sunshine: warmth
80.coke: speed

81.animals/insects: animals
83.shiny/sparkle: shiny stright
85.sober/drunk: sober
86.drunk/stoned: drunk
87.blonde/red: red
88.boys/girls: boys house
90.clean/dirty: clean

91. do you smoke? nope.
92. do you have sex on a regular basis? nope
93. do you do weed? nope my parents do tho
94. do you drink? nope
95. do you make a dick out of yourself? yes somtimes i do
95. do u like this survey? not really
96. do you embrasse yourself when your drunk? ive never been drunk
97. do you like ur life? no
98. do you like to be happy? yea i guess but im vonurlable when i happy
99. do you have fun most of the time? yea i guess
100. are you caring? yea
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