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SO wiggler asked me out yesterday
i had a big big smile on my face all day today
which is weird latley

stanley was making me feel nice again..
which isnt good
normin when guys make me feel nice i get a crush.. and with wiggler and a crush on a guy i dont wanna go tho that crap again

my mom is pissing me off..
she comes home from work and takes out everyhting on me..
it gets on my nerves
she will tell me one thing then put it all on my dad,.. because im stressing her out or somthing.. it sux ass.. she will never let go of me.. she is so concerned of this party... but she wont let me just tell her.. she todl me she has a problem trusting people;. i know that form first hand experiance.. but she shoudl trust me i have been to pleanty or drunken partys with them and never took a sip or hit that bong/pipe/ or smoked anything.. i knwo how and why to say no.. i dont wanna end up like my parents depending on a drug to stay sane... it where msot of our money goes everyday... a dime here a half there.. it fuckin sux.. i hope they trust me and my word enough to knwo i dont wanna end up liek them trying to plan how to get to teh next pay chack .. we owe about 30 people a total of 3,781$.. and she cant give a little and trust me to go with brittney of all people who has saved me form fights meny of times.. or something.. i sound so bitchy but i am

my room is gross and i cnat clean it i have no time.. so yea im going to go now..
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